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Desde el FSM: propuestas para la unidad de los movimientos sociales urbanos

Agreements and conclusions of the meeting of coordination between urban networks. On 24 January 2007, a convergence meeting of urban social movements playing a role in the right housing and to the city was held in Nairobi under the framework of the WSF, jointly proposed by the HIC and IAI. Participants: around 200 representatives of movements from 20 countries in Africa, Europe, Northern and Latin America and Asia, as well as local authorities that are members of the LAF.

Amnesty International public statement

13 October 2009 Nigeria: Security forces use violence against demonstrators Amnesty International condemns the excessive use of force by some members of the security forces in Bundu waterfront community, Port Harcourt, Rivers State on 12 October. At least three people were killed and eleven seriously injured when combined troops of the Joint Task Force (JTF) and police used firearms to disperse a crowd.

Victims of police violence and forced evictions near Papua New Guinean gold mine

The government of Papua New Guinea must investigate the conduct of police who burnt down homes and threatened people with guns while illegally evicting them from land next to one of the biggest gold mines in the country, Amnesty International said today.

(Almost All) Evictions banned in Hungary

Eviction blockade in Budapest (May 13 2010) On July 22, 2010 the newly elected center-right Hungarian government declared a ban on almost all forms of eviction until April 15, 2011. The only and yet very significant exception to this ban are squatters who continue to be unprotected from forced eviction by either private or public bodies.

Egypt authorities urged to prevent forced evictions in city slums

The Al-Duwayqa rockslide of 2008 killed at least 119 people © Amnesty International Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty has warned in a letter to the Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif that plans to redevelop Greater Cairo's poorest areas risk leaving thousands in inadequate housing or homeless. Residents of 33 "shack areas" in the capital and the city of Giza are scheduled to be relocated to 35,700 housing units in 6 October City, south west of Giza, and 15 May City, south of Cairo, by the year 2015 as part of the 2050 Greater Cairo plan.

SWAT Team executes eviction; 7 arrested in Rochester, NY eviction defense

The city of Rochester brought shock and awe into a residential community as they sent 25 police cars, including the Rochester SWAT team, to evict the Lennon-Griffin family- including a grandmother and 7 children- from a single family home.

Guatemala, la IAI esige dal Presidente la fine degli sgomberi e l’apertura di un tavolo di dialogo

Nos dirigimos a você com grande preocupação com os despejos violentos que estão ocorrendo desde o 15 de março de 2011 nas comunidades de

UK, Councillors vote to evict travellers from Dale Farm

We won't go, No pasaran, Zero Eviction at Dale Farm, UK (April 2011) Travellers and Romany people from across Europe have protested against the planned evictions. Travellers and Romany people will be forcibly removed from an illegal site in Essex if they do not leave voluntarily, councillors have decided. Basildon council's development control and traffic management committee voted to take direct action at Dale Farm, between Billericay and Basildon. The committee also voted to take out an injunction and take similar action at The Paddocks near Wickford.

Istanbul: diritti umani sfrattati

Um paciente idoso foi deixado nas ruas com sua máquina de oxigênio Um lugar verde e cheio de energia, entre os blocos de arranha-céus do município de Atasehir, os prédios populares da comunidade de Kucukbakkalkoy foram demolidos em Julho, deixando a população nas ruas, sem nenhuma diferenciação entre crianças, mulheres, idosos e nem mesmo os doentes.Tarlabasi, Fener, Balat, Ayvansaray,Yenikapi,Kumkapi,Tozkoparan, Derbent, Bedreddin… Qual será a próxima?

Filippine, Rapporto sugli sfratti : nel 2011 il più elevato numero di casi registrati dal 1994

O Anti-motim da polícia e a equipe de demolição do governo confrontam os moradores de shanties em Corazon De Jesus aldeia em San Juan city durante a demolição. ( January 11 2012) O ano de 2011 teve o maior número de casos de despejos documentados desde 1994, de acordo com um estudo dos associados pobres urbanos (UPA), defensor do direito à moradia. De Janeiro a Dezembro de 2011, 14.744 famílias or 73.780 indivíduos foram despejados em 39 incidentes de demolição. 92 por cento dos despejos são considerados ilegais em falta de requerimentos chamados para o desenvolvimento Urbano e lei da habitação. Sete demolições tornaram-se violentas.

Nigeria, Demolishing foundations of peace

Spaces for Change’s just-released research study, “Demolishing Foundations of Peace” documents and critically examines the systematic pattern of forced evictions and house demolitions in Nigeria, perpetrated by both city planners and security forces, in the name of “improving national security”.

Workshop: sfratti, fondi popolari per l’alloggio e cooperative di proprietà collettiva

Com o objetivo de divulgar os avanços na criação de um Fundo Popular para a Moradia e a Terra, que permita o acesso ao solo e a titulação a milhões de pessoas que vivem na insegurança e sofrem despejos, no Peru e na República Dominicana, várias instituições nacionais e internacionais organizam em São Domingo, a oficina Desocupações, Fundos Populares de Moradias e Cooperativismo da Propriedade Coletiva, dentro do marco das Jornadas Mundiais Desocupações Zero 2007.

Turkmenistan: 50,000 evicted for the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

Satellite imagery traces destruction in the Choganly neighbourhood from 2014 to 2015. The March 2014 image, on the left, depicts 10,052 structures, while only 5,604 appear to still be standing in the April 2015 image, to the right. Within 13 months some 4,898 structures appeared to have been demolished, amounting to nearly 475,000 square metres of homes and other residential structures. © DigitalGlobe An estimated 50,000 or more people have been forcibly evicted from their homes as part of a push to “beautify” the capital of Turkmenistan ahead of the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Amnesty International revealed today as it published satellite images showing the extent of the devastation.