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Let us all sign the Petition against evictions and for the right to housing!

Signons la Pétition contre les déguerpissements et pour le droit au logement!

Lancement Campagne Zéro Evictions Cameroun (Yaoundé, 11 10 2011)

The “Zero Evictions” campaign, which was inspired by World Assembly of Inhabitants, has been launched in Yaoundé by Réseau National des Habitants du Cameroun (RNHC) under the slogan, “Say no to evictions without rehousing!”

Everyone is invited to spread the word and support the campaign by signing the petition online!

Members of the local Promotions Committee for the Zero Evictions Campaign, traditional and religious authorities, and organizers of the Urban Network for Inhabitants of the 7 districts of Yaoundé took part in the campaign launch, which was covered by a number of radio and television stations, as well as local newspapers.

The agenda's primary focus was on the petition, which serves as key document to the memorandum that will be presented to the government of the Republic of Cameroon- a memorandum which is testament to the determination of Cameroon inhabitants to put an end to all mass evictions where no adequate measures for rehousing are provided.

After presenting an overview of the campaign, rooted in the evictions under the hands of the military  in Cameroon for nearly 4 years now, and in alignment with urban renewal and the resolutions of WAI Dakar 2011, Bertrand Serge Guensu, the TOC of RNHC, has asked Jules Dumas Nguebou, President of the Triennial of Inhabitants Initiative Committee and coordinator of the NGO ASSOAL, to give a detailed presentation of both the memorandum and petition.

Discussions, commentaries and suggestions surrounding this presentation remind us that actions taken by the RNHC are legitimate, relevant, and in harmony with demands for social, economic and cultural rights, and that the RNHC- supported by local and international organizations- is more prepared than ever to make sure that these rights are enforced.

In order to make a major impact, the participants have also resolved to make this a continuing and long-running campaign. The petition, of which currently 5,000 copies have been printed, will subsequently be passed around so that more signatures can be gathered in all regions of Cameroon- especially in the 45 villages and communities covered by RNHC- where campaign launches similar to the one in Yaoundé are set to be organized.

National and regional press conference updates will be held halfway through this extensive campaign, which is scheduled to run for about 5 months and culminates in a petition signed by at least 5,000 inhabitants- a petition that is key to the memorandum that will be officially presented to the future President of the Republic of Cameroon. About 50 participants in the workshop for the campaign launch signed the petition on the spot.

Let us all demand the right to housing for everyone in Cameroon!

Let us all  take part in the Campaign for the right to housing for everyone!

Let us all act now by signing the petition against evictions without rehousing!

>>>Promotions Committee for the Zero Evictions Campaing in Cameroon

c/o Réseau National des Habitants du Caméroun

S/C BP 5268 Yaoundé

Tel: 22 09 95 61

Email: rnhcrnhc@yahoo.fr


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