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OMS Conselhos para o público sobre a doença de Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As dez medidas divulgadas pela OMS são as seguintes:


A pandemia do Coronavírus está infectando todos os países do mundo, mas 1,8 bilhões de pessoas que vivem em moradias aberrantes e em situação de rua, às vezes até sem água ou um banheiro, estão mais em risco. A Aliança Internacional dos Habitantes pede a mobilização e a solidariedade local e mundial das organizações de base.

Apelo ao Dia mundial de luta pelo direito à moradia e pelo defensores do direito à moradia nas Filipinas em 08/02/2020!

Os defensores do direito à moradia são alvos de ataques nas Filipinas. Sob o regime fascista do presidente Rodrigo Duterte, a militarização nas áreas urbanas foi ampliada, os ativistas comunitários foram presos sob falsas acusações, inúmeros outros foram rotulados de terroristas e sofreram perseguições e intimidação, os líderes sofreram tentativas de assassinato e mentiras maliciosas foram espalhadas sobre os movimentos.

India, Letter to the President on eviction order of the Supreme Court of million tribals from their forest dwellings

The Baiga and the Gond have been banned from the Tiger Reserve of Kanha, India, which has been their home for countless generations. © Survival The Supreme Court of India recently ruled instructing State Governments to evict by July 2019 millions forest dwellers, mainly adivasis/tribals, who have no other home but their forests. The ‘Forum for Justice and Peace’ – a vast network of individuals all over the country – urge the President of India to act expeditiously defending and protecting the Constitution and its rule of law by instructing his Government to defend the rights of the adivasis/forest dwellers by going to Supreme Court and challenging the validity of the judgement.

W Montfort Social Institute: at least 100 years more!

Dear Varghese Theckanath,dear friends ofMontfort Social InstituteHyderabad, India

Patna, Bihar, India: People’s power…People’s struggle to face evictions because smart city

Resisting evictions at Gardanibagh Rd. no. 11 (11.07.18) Chronicle and reflections on popular resistance from July to September 2018 against thousands of evictions, hidden product of the construction of smart cities. The battle continues.

Hyderabad, Urban Workers Manifesto

Hyderabad Bastee People’s Federation after wide consultation among all stake holders have formulated the attached Manifesto on behalf of almost sixty Lakh working class people living in slums in Urban Telangana. The Manifesto is released on 06/10/2018 at Somajiguda Press Club. It is expected that all political parties coming to seek the votes of the Urban working class people will include these demands as part of their Party Manifestos for the coming Elections.

Duterte indicted by homeless Filipinos for criminal neglect at international tribunal

Concepcion Opalla, stating her case in Brussels News Release 19/09/2018 Kadamay, the national alliance of Filipino urban poor participated in the International People’s Tribunal held in Brussels, Belgium this last September 18. Concepcion Opalla, represented Kadamay in testifying against the gross negligence and grave threats made by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte against the movements of urban poor and homeless.

Kerala, India. Appeal for solidarity after the worst floods in over a century

More than one million people have swarmed in about 3200 relief camps in Kerala to escape devastating monsoon floods that have killed more than 400 people and wiped out 50,000 houses. Montfort Social Institute, IAI member, is supporting the relief and rebuilding. The purpose of the donation and the name address of the donor need to be mentioned in full. These details can be send to vtheckanathsg@gmail.com

Bulacan, Philippines, Support the victims of the violent NurtiAsia Dispersal

Dear friends, colleagues and comrades in the international community, Once we again write to you in times of need. Workers of the NutriAsia factory in Bulacan have been on strike for around two months, while Kadamay as an organization of poor Filipinos has lent its suppory throughout this period.