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Venice Municipality and Jeju province (South Korea) against overtourism

Venice, Italy, 09/11/18

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Giovanni Andrea Martini, President of Venice municipality, and Kim Tae-suk, President of Jeju province (South Korea), in order to cooperate in the struggle against the touristification.

The violations of human rights, in particular the evictions, caused by the touristification of both territories, have been examined by the International Tribunal of Evictions (ITE), in Venice on 2017 , in Jeju on 2016 .

Cesare Ottolini, Coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants, welcomed the agreement as a concrete follow up of the ITE Recommendations.

The President of the Jeju Province has already announced the next stage, an international conference on that island that will serve to strengthen this struggle thanks to the exchange of experiences, the collaboration between the institutions and the participation of the inhabitants' popular organizations.

The resistance of the inhabitants will continue with the support of progressive local authorities, as it has been emphasized at the end of the day, during the visit to the Occupied Morion Social Center, the heart of the struggles for the defense of the right to housing of the inhabitants of Venice against the tourism industry.


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