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Port Harcourt. Nigeria. Stop Forced Evictions in Port Harcourt Now!

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Port Harcourt. Nigeria. Stop Forced Evictions in Port Harcourt Now!
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Nicola Sossass
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Social Action
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4th October - WORLD HABITAT DAY 2010

During this year’s World Habitat Day celebration, Social Action in collaboration with residents of the waterfront communities and other organizations, will further bring to the knowledge of the International Community and organizations working on Housing Rights, the planned forceful evictions of thousands of citizens and the attendant socio-economic, cultural and political hardship that accompany forced evictions without an alternative.
Programmes will include Exhibitions, film shows, presentations and solidarity messages from all participating groups after which we shall peacefully march through the street of Port Harcourt to Njemanze waterfront that was demolished by the Rivers state government on the 28th August 2009. During the week, Social Action will participate in a concert organised for victims of the Bundu shooting of October 12, 2009.

The four day-long event, will start from Monday, 4th October, 2010,

Forced Evictions In Port Harcourt

At least 200,000 citizens are to be rendered homeless in Port Harcourt, Capital City of Rivers State if the State government continues demolitions and forced evictions in 41 Waterfront Communities. Popularly called Watersides, these settlements have been home to millions of families with low incomes in a city that is the operational centre of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

The Waterside communities have existed for decades, in some cases, predating the city of Port Harcourt. They accommodate hundreds of thousands of citizens made up of fishers, junior civil servants, artisans, traders, and a large army of the unemployed that have escaped environmental degradation and loss of livelihoods in oil bearing villages of the Niger Delta.

Residents and concerned citizens groups have expressed alarm and protested arbitrary demolitions, often carried out without consultation with residents, and with disregard to the laws of the land and ongoing litigation. Instead, the government has used brute force against protesting residents. Many community protestors have been killed and some maimed by soldiers and the Mobile Police between which provides cover for government bulldozers. Some parents especially those from Bundu-Ama waterfront community, are yet to find their children and relations since after the shootings of October 12, 2009.

More info: Celestine AkpoBari, Programme Officer, Social Action, Nigeria +234 803 273 3965 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +234 803 273 3965      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +234 803 273 3965      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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