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Germany: Is it still possible to domesticate the housing market?

Nome da iniciativa:
Germany: Is it still possible to domesticate the housing market?
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editorial staff
Data da iniciativa:
Ruhr Tenants Forum
Conteúdos :
Nov 5, Gladbeck (Ruhr Metropolitan Region)
Ruhr Tenants Forum together with the German Tenants Union (DMB), the city of Gladbeck, the Future of LEG Action Coalition, FB 13 of the trade union ver.di NRW, WohnBund Beratung NRW organizes a conference on the consequences of the mass sell out of rental housing in Germany and
especially NRW: "Is it still possible to domesticate the housing market?"
Keynote speakers:
Knut Unger (Ruhr Tenants Forum-DMB project on large landlords)
Dr. Franz-Georg Rips (president of DMB)
Prof. Kofner (Zeitz) on the strategies of large listed housing companies
using the example of GAGFAH
Dr. Sebastian Müller (Dortmund) on the consequences of speculatively
traded housing stocks for maintenance and service, the case of "small"
anonym funds
Jan Kuhnert (Hannover) on needs and possibilities to strengthen the
remaining sector of small co-ops and municipal housing companies.

Parrallel workshops on:
(1) How to deal with the new huge landlords (publicly listed companies
and private equity firms like Annintion (TerraFirma), GAGFAH (Fortress,
LEG (Whitehall(Goldman Sachs). Immeo (FdL/FdR France), En (Ex-Ruhr Kohle
AG). With trade unionists, local tenants groups etc.
(2) How to deal with smaller anonyme funds. How to force the landlords
to care for maintannance and repair? Which legal instruments? How to
coordinate tenants grass roots, tenants associations and municipalities?
(3) How to strengthen smaller co-ops and municipal housing companies
(which face problems like deficits, huge renewal needs, lack of capital
stock etc.)

In the afternoon panel discussion with politicians from the state and
federal level.

Nov 5, 10 am - 5 pm Gladbeck, Old City Hall
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Autor da ficha:
Gabriele Francescotto