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Kadamay criticizes Trump visit and ASEAN as ‘extravagantly anti-poor’

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Reference:  Michael Beltran 09554571061, Gloria Arellano, KADAMAY National Chairperson – 09213927457

On its 19 year anniversary, Kadamay held various protests at the NHA offices and in front of Malacanang before converging and numbering at around 15, 000 in Pandi, Bulacan with a massive anti-Trump and anti-ASEAN gathering. The militant urban poor group criticized the international affair for its undoubtedly anti-poor agenda. In particular, the group raised alarm at the inevitable profiteering of powerful countries from the reconstruction of Marawi City and the renewed commitments to push neo-liberal policies that lead to massive homelessness and joblessness.

Kadamay National Chairperson, Gloria “Ka Bea” Arellano said that “the world’s most powerful president and a real estate magnate with a history of evicting poor citizens is coming to the country. Duterte will no doubt bow down to please him to gain concessions for big businesses in Marawi and the entire country. What about those who are now homeless because of the bombings? This international occasion is an opportunity for the government to further open up our country to plunder and interventionism.”

The group noted that while Duterte may have used foul language against other countries in the past, he has now taken a more accommodating approach to world leaders with vested interests in the country like the US and China. Both superpowers have invested heavily in the Philippines and Duterte’s economic program allows them to do so instead of pursuing a genuinely independent foreign policy.

Arellano added that “The US is first in line to profit from Marawi as it showed irredeemable authority during the bombing and recent conflicts. America went from being hard on Duterte for the drug war to being amicable mainly because the administration’s tone has become more accommodating to the US’ goals.”

Kadamay is also wary of any attempts to wash out or board up the eyesores during this time as has been the practice in the past when foreign dignitaries arrive. “There is a big possibility that they will once again try to hide the homeless, vendors and other poor communities to shield the world from the realities of Philippine society. This would be a highly hypocritical and elitist move on the administration’s part which has built its image on supposedly helping the underprivileged,” said Arellano.

Trump will make his visit to Malacanang on the 50th  anniversary of the ASEAN before joining other leaders in the subsequent conferences. The series of events is set to be largely extravagant. “How ironic that Duterte and the country will host many powerful leaders with Filipino tax payers money and sweat while neglecting those in need. Like the homeless right outside its front door,” said Arellano referring to the families camped out in Mendiola after having been demolished and left homeless two weeks ago.

Kadamay is set to mobilize thousands on November 13 during at the PICC against Trump and the ASEAN.


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