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The Third Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe 2018

Since 2015, FEANTSA and the Fondation Abbé Pierre have released a yearly Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe. These annual reports look at the latest Eurostat data (EU-SILC) and assess EU countries' capacity to adequately house their populations.

Roma, Todos somos Venezuela - Sabato 7 aprile ore 15:30 - Via tor de’ schiavi,101

Sabato 7 aprile, alle ore 15:30, si svolgerà a Roma, in Via Tor De' Schiavi 101, una iniziativa dedicata al Venezuela, paese sotto embargo.

Housing and Property Markets in Russia in 2017 and Resultant Struggles - a Short Review

The general economic and political situation in Russia has made its impact upon the Russian housing and property markets, and hence, on all the others factors, including the ongoing struggle and forced evictions.

Youth Homeless Organisations Across Europe Call for Action to End Youth Homelessness on Human Rights Day

Today on Human Rights Day, FEANTSA Youth is leading a coordinated action, along with youth, housing and human rights organisations from all over Europe, to draw attention to the growing problem of youth homelessness and housing exclusion in the EU.

Tre assi di lotta al Terzo Incontro Mondiale dei Movimenti Sociali con Papa Francesco (Roma, 02-05/11/2016)

Circa 200 rappresentanti di movimenti sociali e reti provenienti da 67 paesi da tutto il mondo erano presenti all'incontro per riportare l'esperienza della propria organizzazione di base, della lotta continua per il benessere delle comunità e la difesa dei loro diritti.In questa occasione, la IAI ha presentato le proprie proposte a Papa Francesco davanti a più di 3.300 persone, proposte che riguardano anche le responsabilità della Chiesa cattolica nel settore immobiliare.

European Cities Called on to Sign the Homeless Bill of Rights

The Homeless Bill of Rights  is an initiative of Housing Rights Watch  and FEANTSA  to recognize and protect the rights of homeless people. In a climate where cities, regions and even some countries are using the criminal and administrative justice systems to minimise the visibility of people experiencing homelessness and punish those who engage in life-sustaining or natural human activities in public spaces, we are calling on European cities to adopt a rights-based approach to homelessness.

France, Encadrement des loyers : il y péril en la demeure des locataires

COMMUNIQUE Paris le 28 novembre 2017 Censure de l’encadrement des loyers à Paris : Une nouvelle régression pour les locataires Généralisation et respect de l’encadrement des loyers ! Baisse des loyers !

Release of Second Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe

FEANTSA and the Fondation Abbé Pierre released the Second Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe  in a seminar at the European Parliament 22 March 2017. The Overview  is the culmination of detailed analysis of EU SILC data, from which has been drawn a range of indicators of housing exclusion.

Italia, 10 ottobre sfratti zero

10 ottobre 2017 e dintorni VI Giornata Nazionale Sfratti ZeroIniziative aggiornate al 28 settembre 2017 ore 16.00

Appeal towards the European Days of movements for the defence of territories, environmental justice and democracy (Venice, 23-24 september 2017)

For more than a thousand years Venice has been the city symbol of the balance between Man and Nature; its magic comes from and lives in the extraordinary co-penetration of art and nature, stone and water, city and Lagoon. This fragile equilibrium is seriously threatened by the industry of mass tourism, of which the mega cruise ships are one of the worst aspects: over-sized polluting ships, dangerous for the safety of the city which is Unesco heritage. They are floating symbols of the arrogance of multi-national companies and of the corruption of a political class enslaved in the defense of private profit to the detriment of the common good.