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Call: Barcelona, the resistance of a family the solidarity of a whole neighborhood

In June 2011, when the Spanish squares and streets burned with the 15M demonstrations, Veronica, Eliseo and their three children were violently evicted from their flat in the neighborhood of Clot in Barcelona. The networks of the neighborhood movilized immediately to support this family. The Catalan police, Mossos d’Esquadra, attacked violently the family and the crowd that gathered in their support. The reason why we were there was to show to Veronica and Eliseo that they were not alone, and that all protests have to be collective struggles. What belongs to all should be defended by all.

The police intervention was a demonstration of a specific way of considering housing rights. The Generalitat de Catalunya and the Spanish state go hand in hand in placing the right to property above the right to decent living.

Veronica and Eliseo are now on trial. It is worrying that after having suffered a violent eviction, they are now criminalized by public entities such as the Prosecutor and the Generalitat (who started a case against them) for having defended their fundamental rights. In this way, they contribute to push them deeper, if possible, into precariousness.

Moreover, three people who believed that supporting Veronica and Eliseo’s struggle was an act of justice, might now face condemns up to 5 years. This is a clear attempt to isolate us each in their own misery. They know that together we are stronger. What is under attack now is not only the defense of proper housing, but also mutual aid.

We will keep fighting together, the victims of eviction, the victims of repraisals, the victims of oppression. If we learned something in the last years is that if we all remain together they will not defeat us, and we will be able to knock down the real culprits.

When precarity is of the norm and housing a forgotten right;


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