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In Moscow evictions of tenants at Stavropolskaya street suspended for ten days

In the early morning time, at about 6 a.m., on July, 11, 2016, as it had been promised, the tenants of the dormitory located in Stavropolskaya street, 17, Moscow saw court marshals and a riot police squad.
All these agents wearing militarized uniforms of all types, having helmets and carrying arms, were met by the house tenants who had gathered together at the entrance.
A TV crew and journalists were also there.

One could see posters and placards dangling from various floors of the house:

 - Cancel the court verdicts!
 - Putin, stop lawlessness of your officials from the Russian Property Agency!
 - We have built Moscow and now we are needed any more!
 - Save us and our children!
 - We are evicted!
 - We are not slaves!

A red flag was seen hanging down from a window on the third floor. Then a Russian national tricolor appeared.

Everyone was determined to stand up for their housing. The tenants holding their positions at the stair well entrance told the court marshals about all the violations perpetrated by various bureaucratic departments and officials which in fact had led to this absurd situation that had the tenants defend their rights and prevent their housing against the raid of illegal ‘’owners’’, why had tried to occupy the house.

Representatives of the companies called FGUP PromEx and MIREA institute who are the main perpetrators of this raid, trying to recover for the ‘’debts’’ (the tenants have allegedly owned them their apartments), were seen standing aside near the children’s play ground. They abstained from interviews, dodged the TV cameras.

But when approached by the tenants, they would say to them: ‘’we will throw you away from the house!’’

The tenants shoed to the journalists and court marshals some documents which proved that that the said companies and their officials didn’t have anything to do with the ownership for the house, violations perpetrated in issuing the fabricated documents which were the basis for the eviction, schedule of court hearing planned for the entire July and August. The court marshals, upon seeing the documents, seem to have seen a lot of violations. They announced to the tenants that they would take a ten days time suspension to additionally examine the documents submitted.

The tenants were jubilant, as during a war, a ten days respite is the battle won.
The tenants of the dormitory in Stavropolskaya, 17, saw tenants of other houses in Moscow who had rushed to support them.

Those tenants have also been threatened with evictions.

These are doctors employed by state owned companies of Moscow who live in the dormitory located in Simferopolisky boulevard, 19, workers of Kamov’s helicopter manufacturing plant.
At four p.m., the tenants of the Stavropolskaya dormitory had a meeting with Mr. Biriukov, the local district prefect, as the official had scheduled this day for a meeting with the tenants’ working group.

The meeting was attended, together with the tenants of the Stavropolskaya street, 17, house, by representatives of the PromEx MIREA company and journalists.

The Chief of the district told the tenants about the work done by him: he had allegedly called the court marshals, sent letters with request to various offices to be answered, alas, in a two or three weeks. This means that this would happen much later than the time of eviction deferral.

The participants of the talk touched upon the complicated situation in communicating with the Russian Property Agency and their officials who are still unaware whom to have the house be transferred regarding the ownership.  
On July, 12, at 10:30 a.m., the tenants are to visit the court marshals who have scheduled a meeting with them for Tuesday at the address Butyrsky Val street, house 5.
For additional information please contact: 

8-903-709-19-09 – tenants of the house in Stavropolskaya 17 
8-909-695-00-72 – Elena Sidorenkova 

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