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Habitantes das Américas


Villa 31-Retiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seventy years of urban struggle for the right to housing, land and liberty Villa 31/Retiro was amalgamated in 1930 on public land near downtown, the port of Buenos Aires and one of the large train stations serving the northern part of the country. At first, it housed the families of dockworkers who lost their jobs in the economic crisis of 1929. In the Forties, European immigrants arrived and worked laying the rail system extension. In the Fifties, the amalgamation was organized as six neighbourhoods with a coordinating committee of neighbourhood delegates.

The Mortgage Crisis - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

People in Communities of color have lost billions of dollars in home equity, and today they are losing their homes on a massive scale

After the International IAI Days

The aim was to contribute to the training of the emerging leaders of urban social movements; to rethink the city, citizens’ rights and the processes of self-management in social habitat production and the social function of property; and to take on the threats that neoliberalism poses to towns and the environment.

Report on Manhattan Vacant Property Count

 “Picture the Homeless” is excited to announce the release of our brand-new report, Homeless People Count , documenting the results of our historic Vacant Building & Lot Count.  In 2006, in collaboration with the office of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, we went up and down every single block in Manhattan to quantify the volume of vacant property going to waste in the middle of the worst housing crisis the city has ever seen. The results of that count are contained within this report, and they were shocking even to us—and we’ve been talking about abandoned buildings for years!  

The First National Truth Commission on poverty in USA

On July 15 and 16, 2006, the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) made history in Cleveland, Ohio by holding the first National Truth Commission on Poverty in the United States of America.

Ushuaia: Habitat Social para um Mundo Urbano

29 e 30 de Novembro 2007 Com duas jornadas intensas de trabalho e com uma grande convocatória de organizações da sociedade civil e representantes locais e nacionais, bem como de organismos internacionais, aconteceu a jornada “Habitat Social para um Mundo Urbano” organizada pela Rede Habitat Argentina e pelo Fórum Social Urbano da Província da Terra do Fogo.

Cooperativas de moradia do Uruguai: os sem-terra urbanos

Depois de quase quatro décadas lutando pela terra urbana e pela construção de suas casas, as cooperativas de moradia por ajuda mútua enfrentam o governo progressista do presidente uruguaio Tabaré Vázquez por criminalizar as ocupações e dificultar os empréstimos.