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Let’s mobilize in October to demand the right to housing!

Call from the World Assembly of Inhabitants to the World Days for the Right to Habitat

In the World Assembly of Inhabitants (World Social Forum, Tunis, March 2013), rural and urban grassroots organizations reviewed the experiences of the various movements and concluded that over the last two decades social organizations struggling to avoid mass evictions and create alternative policies in Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia have demonstrated that the unity and mobilization of all actors, in solidarity, is the only way to defeat the concrete tyrants and voracious real estate capitalism which has placed nature and humanity on the verge of being evicted from our planet.

It is in unity, organization, resistance and mobilization in solidarity that our responsible solution can be found, enabling us to create the conditions to build “another possible world”.

In order to demand from governments the right to housing that is dignified, safe and in harmony between rural and urban, more than 250 organizations from 45 countries on all continents agreed to carry out in October the World Zero Eviction Days – for the Right to Habitat. In each country there will be graffiti projects, thematic debates, press conferences, rallies, protests, occupations, teleconferences, retreats, ceremonies, sit-ins, cultural events, stage plays, performances, dances.

In particular, we would highlight the third session of the International Tribunal on Evictions (Geneva, 18th  – 20th  October 2013), which aims to examine and take concrete measures to resolve the most significant cases received through a call launched in the last weeks.

For all of these reasons we are calling for Coordination Committees to be established for the World Days in October at local, national, regional and global levels, so that the regional movements of Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe can go forward in unity and solidarity: it is our priority!

Note: Contact amh-wai2013@habitants.org  as soon as possible