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The FAL network calls for participation in its 9th World Assembly in Dakar on February 8th 2011

The commitment of the FAL Network with the World Assembly of Inhabitants

November 17th, Mexico FD. The hall was crowded and two screens were installed outside in order that the mass of local authorities and social activists gathered could follow the meeting. A group of more than 250 participants, including more than a hundred mayors, attended the Meeting of Progressive Local Authorities heading to Dakar 2011, which was held in the framework of the 3rd Mayors and Local Governments (UCLG) World Summit.

Marcelo Ebrard, Chief of the Government of Mexico FD, confirmed the city’s commitment with the World Social Forum and his attendance in Dakar. Khalifa Sall, Mayor of Dakar, insisted on the willingness of the hostess city to host the WSF and the FAL Network’s activities during the Forum. Eduardo Tadeu, Mayor of Varzea Paulista, spoke on behalf of the whole Network and underlined the commitment of the National Front of Prefeitos. Patrick Jarry, Mayor of Nanterre, announced the celebration in Dakar of an African seminar of cities of the peripheries, in order to follow the path of the 2nd FAL of the Peripheries, recently held in Getafe.

Catherine Peyge, Mayor of Bobigny, underlined the housing problem and the commitment of the FAL Network with the World Assembly of Inhabitants, also planned for Dakar. Magali Giovanangelli, Deputy Mayor of Aubagne, spoke on behalf of the Network’s Gender Group. The Association of Mexican Local Authorities AALMAC and the government of Montevideo, on behalf of Mercociudades, also made part of the presiding speakers’ table.

The event was presented and coordinated by Antonio C. Zurita, General Director of FAMSI, on behalf of the Technical and Communication Secretary of the FAL Network. He thanked the support and the participation of a large delegation of the Mexican Social Forum. Finally, he handed the floor to the hostess, this time represented by Clara Brugada, Chief of the Delegation of Itzapalapa. Brugada mentioned the success of the International Seminar on Participatory Budgeting held the day before and announced the celebration of its 2nd Assembly in Dakar. Furthermore, she appealed for the creation of a World Network of Local Authorities for the Defence of the Access to Water.

The FAL Network’s Driving Group held a meeting later in order to collect the conclusions of this meeting and fix the working agenda for Dakar.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum of Local Authorities for Social Inclusion and Participatory Democracy (9th World Assembly of the FAL Network) will be made up by FAMSI (Technical and Communication Secretary of the FAL Network), Nanterre (FAL-Peripheries), Commission for Social Inclusion and Participatory Democracy of UCLG, UCLG Africa, Government of Montevideo (Mercociudades), National Front of Prefeitos, the City of Dakar, the government of Mexico FD and the African and Senegalese Supervising Committee.

The call will be signed by the Mayor of Dakar and will include the whole list of members of the FAL Network and the names of sponsors and collaborators (ART PNUD and Municipia AECID).

Besides the 9th World Assembly which will take place on February 8th, the FAL agenda for the WSF (February 6th – 11th, 2011) will also include, at least:

-  Two meetings of the FAL Network’s Driving Group 

-  The 1st 2011 Annual Session of the CSIPD – UCLG 

-  Seminar of the African FAL of Peripheries in Pikine 

-  The 2nd Assembly of the International Platform for Participatory Budgeting 

-  The constitution of the Network of Local Authorities for Water as a Fundamental Human Right 

-  Seminar on Efficiency of the Aid with ART PNUD and the Commission of Decentralized Cooperation of UCLG 

-  World Assembly of Inhabitants (organized by the IAI and planned for February 7th and 8th) 

-  Seminar of Mayors for Peace, organized by Mayors for Peace 

-  Seminar on the World Charter Agenda for Human Rights in the City (CSIPD – UNLG and SIPDH Nantes / Pays de la Loire)

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