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Sezano, Italy, The Agora of Inhabitants of the Earth launches the World Identity Card

Over 150 participants at the Agora of Inhabitants of the Earth to launch the World Identity Card. IAI is committed to implementing this tool, in particular for the Mediterranean Network of Inhabitants.

Sezano, Verona, 14-16 /12/18

Over 150 participants from 15 countries and 4 continents to the meeting promoted by the Campaign the Audacity in the name of Humanity, to revive the construction of human rights 70 years after the Universal Charter of Human Rights, harshly attacked by neoliberal predators policies, of war, racism.

First act, the creation of the World Identity Card delivered without any discrimination of citizenship, which has the audacity to open a constituent phase for humanity, an utopian moment to give hope and light to the dream of Man/Women and the Earth.

Animated by a working group coordinated by Riccardo Petrella, the main inspirer of the Agora, they were days of meetings, debates, parties, which engage all participants to follow up.

The International Alliance of Inhabitants has participated since the preparatory phase and supports this initiative and considers it revolutionary and a contribution to undermining the borders by strengthening the legitimacy of the struggles and r-existences for human rights and the environment.Therefore it has confirmed its commitment to disseminate the final Declaration and to support the proposal of the World Identity Card.

The IAI coordinator, Cesare Ottolini, declared that the Card will be presented as a useful tool for the struggle of the Mediterranean Network of Inhabitants promoted by IAI, which will be held in parallel to the "Meeting of the Two Seashores" (Marseille, June 2019).

To this end, it has established agreements with the social organizations and progressive local authorities present at the Agora for preparatory meetings.


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