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Campanha Despejo Zero

San Jose, USA. Housing justice

Nome da iniciativa:
San Jose, USA. Housing justice
Referências geográficas:
United States
Nicola Sossass
Data da iniciativa:
CHAM Deliverance Ministry
Conteúdos :
CHAM Deliverance Ministry will continue to carry the message of housing justice through the streets of San Jose during Zero Evictions month.
CHAM Deliverance Ministry—the Community Homeless Alliance Ministry--has been organizing the homeless and their allies to fight for housing in Silicon Valley since 1990. Their members have marched, demonstrated, studied, conducted classes and workshops, led economic human rights trainings, organized the homeless to testify, done housing takeovers, led civil disobedience, participated in coalitions, built alliances with unions and health care advocates, and led religious ser­vices. Their actions have been responsible for the construction of several hundred extremely low-income housing units in the San Jose area, but there are many more needed to meet the growing need.
Campanha Despejo Zero
Autor da ficha:
Nicola Sossass