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Fórum Social Europeu, Atenas Maio de 2006

Let's build on the momentum of the ESF Urban Space together

ESF in Athens, May 2006. Enthusiastic and qualified participation in various initiatives on the urban/housing issue organized by a number of networks during the ESF in Athens was a very positive occasion that presented these issues to the attention of the European new global movement including associations, movements, individual activists and supportive public administrators for the first time.

The role of the city in an alternative Europe: moving towards the right to housing and a habitat

The seminar concluded with a calendar of the next steps which calls for the efforts of all involved to take the next steps together.

An Urban Tent at the 2006 European Social Forum

Athens, May 4-7 2006 With only a few months remaining before the ESF, various proposals have been put forth for seminars, working groups and conferences on the housing and urban issue by organizations and individuals in various countries, at times drawn from diverse backgrounds: tenants’ associations, housing cooperatives, lobby groups, urban planners, volunteer organizations, NGO’s, local authorities.