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Fóruns Sociais 2007

Fórum Social Siberiano

A solidariedade que resolve os problemas de “logística” De 3 a 8 de agosto de 2007, em Novosibirsk se realizou a quarta edição do Fórum Social Siberiano , ao qual se juntou este ano , uma Assembléia dos Movimentos Sociais e sindicais da Rússia. Durante 3 dias, mais de 250 delegados , vindos de 32 regiões da Rússia , trabalharam tornar mais próximos seus pontos de vista e para colocar no lugar devido redes e planos de campanha.

Right to the City

A New National AllianceRight to the City (RTTC) is a newly formed alliance of base building groups and allies from cities across the U.S. calling for a united response to gentrification and displacement. We stand together under the notion of a right to the city for all.

The U.S. Social Forum 2007

The World Social Forum has finally arrived in the U.S. with the slogan “Another World is possible: another U.S. is necessary.” The USSF take place in Atlanta, Georgia between June 27th and July 1st. This is a strategic step towards building this other world from within the Empire, responding to a real necessity.Going to the heart of the Empire to unite the fight for Housing Rights without Borders

Germany 2007: the altermondialists and the G8

Meetings to try to understand and guide the world of the future The altermondialist movement begins and, after the WSF in Nairobi , its International Council meets in Berlin May 29 – 31. The social movements assembly extends it to June 1st, in Rostock on the Baltic Sea, as a prologue to the June 2nd demonstration against G8 .