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10 key trends in record year for internal displacement

Carrying whatever possessions they can, women arrive in a steady trickle at a camp for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) established next to a base of the African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM) near Jowhar. © Tobin Jones/UN Photo OXFORD, 6 May 2015 (IRIN) - Those trying to escape conflict and violence often only make headlines when they cross an international border and become refugees, but the majority of people forced to flee their homes seek refuge within the borders of their own country. They are “internally displaced persons,” or IDPs. By the end of 2014 there were 38 million of them, more than twice the number of refugees. 

Evicted and abandoned: how the World Bank Broke Its Promise to Protect the Poor

An estimated 3.4 million people have been physically or economically displaced in the past decade by projects funded by the World Bank. The bank has regularly failed to protect the poor and vulnerable people it claims to serve, a new 11-month ICIJ investigation  has revealed.

Home sweet home: housing practices and tools that support durable solutions for urban IDPs

Home sweet home: housing practices and tools that support durable solutions for urban IDPs Despite a longstanding recognition of the need to improve the response of actors addressing urban displacement, there is a lack of guidance on how to do this and a limited knowledge of practices that have successfully addressed the housing, tenure security and livelihood needs of urban IDPs.

Nações Unidas: A Responsabilidade legal das autoridades locais de respeitar o direito à moradia

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on adequate housing Leilani Farha Publicamos o Relatório da Relatora Especial das Nações Unidas sobre o Direito à Moradia, apresentado por ocasião da 28a  sessão do Conselho dos Direitos Humanos das Nações Unidas (Genebra, 2 a 27 de março de 2015). Trata-se de um texto de grande importância porque esclarece com precisão que a ratificação pelos Estados do Pacto Internacional sobre os Direitos Econômicos, Sociais e Culturais impõe igualmente às autoridades locais a obrigação legal de proteger esse direito por meio de ações e políticas eficazes.Para ler com atenção e utilizar nos conflitos locais, em especial na luta contra os despejos, onde as autoridades locais muitas vezes desempenham  um papel de primeira importância.Potanto, não há qualquer desculpa para o descompromisso demonstrado por certas autoridades locais. Ao contrário: deve ficar claro para todo mundo que elas também têm obrigação legal de agir em defesa do direito à moradia.

2015, Os habitantes juntos, em solidariedade, pela dignidade, sem fronteiras!

Para os sem-teto, os mal alojados e despejados: que consigam enfrentar e vencer, graças à solidariedade e às lutas de resistência e de alternativa, os ataques do neoliberalismo ...Nossos melhores votos de obter o seu apoio!

Encuentro en el Vaticano: Papa convoca a movimientos sociales de todo el mundo a combatir las causas estructurales de la pobreza

El Papa Francisco se reunió en la mañana de este martes 28 de octubre en el Salón del Sínodo con los participantes del Encuentro Mundial de los Movimientos Populares (del 27 al 29 de octubre), organizado por el Pontificio Consejo Justicia y Paz en colaboración con la Pontificia Academia de las Ciencias Sociales y con los líderes de varios movimientos.

Why the World Needs to Get Ready for the Next Generation of Slums

People who live in slums don't have easy lives to begin with. Lately, though, politicians have been doing their best to make matters even more complicated. A few weeks ago the Venezuelan government started evicting Caracas's infamous 45-story slum, the "Tower of David," relocating residents to government housing outside the city. In early July, a few weeks earlier, a thousand slum dwellers in Islamabad found themselves confronting riot police as they tried to protest the Pakistani government's plans to evict them from their homes ("katchi adabi " settlements). Around the same time, a local government in India approved plans to build the first of 10,000 new "transit accommodations" for displaced slum dwellers. That followed Bombay's brutal anti-slum drive in May, when authorities bulldozed more than 100 family homes, forcing over 600 residents onto the streets.

Disconnecting water from people who cannot pay - an affront to human rights, say UN experts

Three UN experts on the human rights to water and sanitation, adequate housing, and extreme poverty and human rights expressed concern Wednesday about reports of widespread water disconnections in the US city of Detroit of households unable to pay water bills.

Junto aos habitantes para defender o Direito a Moradia sem fronteiras

A  Aliança Internacional dos Habitantes saúda a transmissão do cargo de Relatora Especial das Nações Unidas pelo Direito à Moradia Adequada de Raquel Rolnik a  Leilani Farha.

Girl, disrupted: challenges for internally displaced girls worldwide

Women and children make up 70% of the world’s internally displaced population. To mark International Women’s Day, IDMC highlights how the challenges young girls face around world increase when violence or conflict forces them to flee their homes.