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O sucesso do Dia de Mobilização Global 2008

A Midi a Ménilmontant
In Moscow:
On 26 January at 13:00 a citizens’ meeting will take place on Slavianski Ploshad. Main participants: council of initiative-taking groups against demolitions and “illegal” construction, "Housing Solidarity" movement, movement of the “duped co-investors” against property pyramids and government corruption, and the representatives of free trade unions. The meeting aims to express solidarity in defense of social rights and civil liberties.
Contact: 8-926-526-60-09, 8-916-160-54-76
More details: Акция 26-го января в Москве состоится на Славянской площади
In the Moscow region:
The coordinating council of citizen protest committees and the movement of hostel inhabitants are organizing collective actions in several towns:
- Solnechnogorsk - meeting on ul.Sovetskaya, at the Lenin monument 26.01.08. at 12:00
- Korolev - meeting in DK im. Kalinin 26.01.08. at 12:00
- Lytkarino - meeting across the area in DK "Mir" 26.01.08. at 15:00
- Odintsov - meeting at the stadium 02.02.08. at 12:00
- Pushkin - picket at the "Pobeda" cinema 26.01.08. at 12:00
Mainly against ultra-liberal housing reforms and rate increases
Contact: 8-903-770-78-97
In Saint Petersburg:
A meeting will take place on 26 January from 12 till 15:00 in the area between ul. Komsomol and the Lenin monument at the Finnish station. The organization committee focuses attention on how strengthening solidarity and collaboration between human rights associations, social movements, trade unions, inhabitant housing committees and other public organizations, active in Saint Petersburg, provides the basis for the ideas for conducting actions in the city.
The St. Petersburg organization committee has stated that the following organizations (negotiations with other organizations, including with the trade unions, still continue) will be taking part in the 26 January action:
Vanguard of Red Youth (AKM), "Alternative", the association of libertarian initiatives, the movement of civil initiatives, DSPA, OO "Living City", the committee of united actions in defense of the social and labour rights of citizens, OO "Reliable House", ROO "Okhtinskaya arc", council of the initiative-taking groups of duped co-investors of Saint Petersburg, OD "Education for all", Russian social democratic union of young people, the federation of socialist young people.
Contact: Yevgeny Kozlov (8-911-923-39-47), Vladimir Soloveychik (8-950-012-14-49).
More about the action in Saint Petersburg: World day of united actions on 26 January in Saint Petersburg
In Omsk:
In Omsk on 26 January at 13:00 a meeting on Ploshad Lenin (the center of city) will take place, followed by a procession to the monument to the victims of political repressions. Organizers of the meeting: Omsk trade union SKT, committee for the defense of human rights.
Main themes: right to housing for children from the orphanage, hostel inhabitants, defense of labour rights and political liberties.
Contact: 8-905-096-74-93
In Yaroslavl':
On 26 January at 13:00 on Ploshad Volkov the "chain of housing solidarity" will take place. Organizers: SotsSopr (left wing youth group, Zhilsolidarnost' (housing coalition), the local section of the communist party.
Contact: 8 915 970 44 93
In Perm':
On 26 January there will be a demo and meeting. Theme: against prices increases and flat rates. Organizer: coordinating council of protest actions.
Demo at 14:00 on the central lane of the Komsomol prospect between ul.Kirova and ul.Bol'shevitskoy. Meeting in front of the building of the regional Duma (Lenin, 51) at 15:00.
Contact: 8-908-261-96-20, 8-902-646-04-51
In Yuzhno Sakhalinsk:
On 26 January a joint meeting of social movements and opposition parties will take place. Five organizations are participating in the temporary coalition and its organization committee: "civil liability” public organizations, Sakhalin human rights center, the pensioners "conscience" movements, the communist party and the car drivers movement.
Contact: 62-18-41 (Mark Alexandrovich Cooperman); 433655 (Rukavishnikova Tatiana Nikolaevna). The local government is trying to prohibit the action.
For more detail, see: United day of actions on 26 January: the announcement of action in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk. On the problem of the crude violations of the social rights of the northerners
In Irkutsk:
Pickets are being organized on 20, 21 and 24 January in Irkutsk in order to prepare for the 26 January meeting. The purpose of conducting pickets is to give information to the citizens of the city about the fact that actions are taking place in 20 Russian regions, including in Irkutsk, on 26 January.
On 26 January a meeting organized by the local section of the communist party will take place with the participation of the association of owners and leaseholders of the "Fortress" dwelling and the union of the social organizations of the Altai region. The meeting will take place near the regional library im. Chichkova at 12:00. Contact: 8-9021410251.
Actions organized as part of the international day of united actions will take place under the slogan "for civil liberties and social justice".
A decision about joint participation in the meeting has been made by the local section of the communist party and by several social organizations, notably the inhabitants initiatives coordinating groups. The meeting will take place in the area in front of the "Trud" stadium, on 26 January 2008 at 14:00.
Contact no. for the coordinator of the organization committee for preparing the meeting: 35-05-07.
More detail about the action: The public organizations of Irkutsk issue a call to participate in the united day of protest actions on 26 January
In Novosibirsk:
A meeting is announced, to be held at the central ploshad im. Lenin on 26 January at 12:00 under the initiative of the committee of solidarity actions. They invited the regional section of the communist party and the Fair Party to participate. Thus far response is positive. There also will be a round table with the participation of the region’s social movements on 23 January.
Contact: 8-923-244-66-48