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O sucesso do Dia de Mobilização Global 2008

In Izhevsk:
On 26 January at 11:00 the coordinating council of protest actions will hold a united conference of regional social movements and opposition parties, at which will be decided the strategy for further actions. In particular, the collection of signatures under the petition to regional government will be begun. The new stage of the regional protest campaign will thus be launched, one of the main moments of which will be a mass meeting on 2 February. Meeting: 2 February, at 12:00, in the central area of Izhevska opposite the Government House of Udmurt republic.
Contact: 8-922-685-01-66
In Kurgan:
On 26 January, from 11:00 to 13:00, a massive picket on Ploshad Lenin will take place. The event is organized by the free trade union "Zachita truda"- Kurgan.
In Astrakhan:
On 28 January a public conference of the activists of the local Union of inhabitants (with the help of the local Fair party) will take place, at which will be discussed strategy for further actions, including the need to fight for the defense of the right to direct self-management of their buildings by inhabitants.
Contact: 8-905-481-91-80
In Nizhniy Novgorod:
Meeting in pl.Lenina at 12:00. Following is the text of the action:
"Local government frequently permits building directly in courtyards and parks. The opinion of inhabitants is not considered, because inhabitants act without enough solidarity.
We need united collective action!
A joint meeting is being organized by protest groups of inhabitants who suffer from “illegal” building – of ul.Shishkova, Oranhereinaya, ul.Kovalikhinskaya; they decided to come out together against building in courtyards! We issue a call to all inhabitants to express solidarity and to participate in the day of united actions! The meeting is taking place on 26 January. Come along to the meeting, before a building arrives in your courtyard!
No to “illegal” building in N.Novgorod!
Let us obtain respect for our rights!"
Contact: 8 908 156 28 89
In Penza:
On 26 January at 11:00 a meeting will take place on the Ploshad Sovietskaya. It is being organized by local communists and human rights activists. Contact: 8-902-209-14-46
In Saratov:
Two meetings will take place on 26 January. The first action is organized by the local section of the communist party at 11:00 in the area in front of the Circus. The second meeting will take place at 12:00 on Chernishevsky's Ploshad. It’s organized by the local coalition "People’s Housing Forum" with the possible participation of activists from the "Iabloko" party and journalists fighting for freedom of speech. Contact: 262-654
In Kaliningrad:
A gathering of inhabitants of the Condominium "Soglasie -2" (city block of Sel'ma) will most likely take place against the illegal attempts of the local authorities to take control of their building. The main call will be for real housing self-management! Contact: 8-906-236-22-91
In Tyumen' Oblast:
On 26 January meetings in Tyumen' and Ishime will take place, starting at 12:00.
On 27 January a meeting will take place in Surgut, starting at 12:00.
Organizers: committee of solidarity actions, the worker communist party RKRP and the free trade unions (against repressions in the oil companies).
Contact: 8-908-874-98-56
More details about this: "for the civil liberties and social justice": the announcement of actions in Surgut and Tyumen' Oblast
In Kirov:
Difficult negotiations are being conducted on the agreement for the meeting with the local authorities. Organizers invite people to come to the central entrance of the regional government building at 11:00. It’s supposed to be a massive and non-authorized action.
Organizers: coordination council of protest actions, the council of hostel inhabitants, communist workers’ party RKRP, the council of workers and peasants.
Contact: 8-919-502-91-41
In Kazan:
Protest action is being organized by the human rights agency "Karabin - Kazan' working inspection". It will be joined in the action by the RT workers movement, Kazan' young communist organization SKM, duped co-investors (possibly), “Working Russia” political organizations and the AKM of Kazan, anarchists from "Autonomous action", the Tatar public center im. Mulyukova, some communist party groups and the committee for the protection of the earth of gardening comradeship "veteran". Contact: Vladislav gudaviya (com161@rambler.ru)
This action being planned but is not yet confirmed