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Power for the people - Indonesia - Serikat Perkerja Perjuangan PT PLN Persero (SPP.PLN)

Eko’s job at the local electricity plant comes under threat and as the government prepares for privatisation, he and his colleagues fight back.

Guardians of the City - Italy - Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro, Funzione Pubblica

While tourists and residents are still asleep, Pasquale and Emmauele are already hitting the streets to help keep Siena one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Reina’s Dream - Japan - JICHIRO, JPSU

As one of only four female emergency workers in her unit, Reina fights fires, saves lives and advocates for workers rights in Omuta City, Japan.

Justice: A public Service - Chad - Federation des Syndicats du Secteur Public du Tchad (FSPT)

As public legal assistant for victims of rape and abuse, Demba uses the law to fight injustices - while fighting to maintain her hope.

Flow - Lebanon - Syndicat des Employes et Ouvriers de l’Office des Eaux de Beyrouth et du Mt Liban (SEOEB)

Workers in Tripoli fight to end the contractualisation of young comrades and extend public water service to all.