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Towards the construction of a Mediterranean Inhabitants' Network

The meeting, organized by the IAI at Africities the 23/11/18, aims to establish an international network of organizations of inhabitants across the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, residents and migrants, in partnership with local authorities who share the human rights approach in the implementation of housing, urban planning and democratic governance policies.

This is the first common step between organizations and institutions that feel the need to exchange experiences, define common strategies, build international solidarity for the right to housing and the city and to promote freedom of movement and the right to reside in welcoming, multicultural, multi-ethnic, safe and dignified cities. It is now imperative and urgent to tackle the root causes of these problems, which are causing the impoverishment and inequality of inhabitants and our territories, and to implement transformative proposals from neighbourhoods and urban collectives connected across the Mediterranean. The meeting promotes a project of local/international mobilization and training which, starting from the protagonism of the subjects directly concerned, encourages resistance to real estate speculation, social exclusion, war between the poor and racism which feed themselves through poor housing and evictions from one side of the Mediterranean Sea municipality to the other. Speakers come not only from Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and Italy, but also from other African countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe, which are also concerned by the proposal because these countries are often the backbone from which migrants arrive, new inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin.


First part:

Exchange of experiences: all the colors of the cities and its inhabitants

  • Presentation of problems at the local level of poor housing, urban planning and urban governance
  • Presentation of activities and policies implemented at the local level concerning the defense of the right to housing, the right to the city and urban governance.

Second part:

Sharing of strategy proposals: together for the right to r-exist in cities

  • Presentation of strategy proposals.

Third part:

Definition of a joint path 2019-2021 for building of the Mediterranean Network of inhabitants

priority objectives

key activities

horizontal coordination proposal

Coordination :

Soha BEN SLAMA, Coordinatrice International Alliance of Inhabitants, Tunisie

Mike DAVIES, Coordinateur Anglophone Africa International Alliance of Inhabitants, Zimbabwe

Cesare OTTOLINI, Coordinateur global, International Alliance of Inhabitants, Italie


Abdellah ALLALI, Président Réseau Marocain pour le Logement Decent, Maroc

Ilham TARHZOUT, Réseau Marocain pour le Logement Décent, Maroc

Ilhem BEN SALAH, Présidente Commission Démocratie Participative, Commune de l’Ariana, Tunisie 

Mohamed Kouraich JAOUAHDOU, Président Association Action Associative, Tunisie

Mouchrik ELMOSTAFA, Réseau Marocain pour le Logement Décent, Maroc

Mouna MATHARI, Présidente Commission communication médias, Commune de la Marsa, Tunisie

Olabisi Janet WILLIAMS, Spaces For Change, Nigeria  

Pedro Martin HERAS, Plataforma Afectados por la Hipoteca, Espagne

Wilfred Olal MADIGO, Bunge La Mwananchi, Kenya 

Translation: FR/EN

Info :  https://www.africities.org/sessions/sou-103-towards-the-construction-of-a-mediterranean-inhabitants-network/

Contact :  soha.aih.tunisie@habitants.org


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