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India, Alert Narmada Valley

Around 600 NBA activists and people of Narmada Valley along with Medha Patkar got detained from Bhopal and Habibganj Railway station in Bhopa​l​.
The full solidarity of the International Alliance of Inhabitants with the activists ​ and against the evictions threathened next July 31 2017​.​
Madhya Pradesh Police detained and kept people at three places, New Central Jail (Gandhinagar, Bhopal), Habibganj and Rest at Bhopal Railway Junction.
Another Attack on People’s Movements by Madhya Pradesh Govt.

Bhopal | 19th July, 2017

Today, people of Narmada Valley reached Bhopal early morning where the police detained them without giving any reason and taken them to Central Jail, Bhopal. Around 600 Narmada Bachao Andolan Activists and People of Narmada Valley got detained at Bhopal and Habibganj Railway Station. Now the people are at three places, around 200 people at New Central Jail, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal; around 300 people at Habibganj, and others at Bhopal Junction.

The Madhya Pradesh Govt. is acting harsh on people demanding their due rehabilitation and raising their voice against the unlawful and unjust submergence planned by Madhya Pradesh Govt. and Central Govt. 40,000 families are still left without rehabilitation in the Sardar Sarovar Dam affected region in the Narmada Valley.

This is the third time in a month time when police of different states detained the people of Narmada Valley and NBA activists at various places without any reasons. The people’s movements are facing the worst dictatorship in India and the Madhya Pradesh Govt. has left with no other option than to resign on losing moral grounds. The people are suffering the worst attack promoted by the state.

We appeal the citizens to call the police officials of Bhopal and chief minister office to release all the detained activists and people of Narmada Valley to save the constitutional values and their fundamental rights. 


Contact Details

Rishi Kumar Shukla – DGP – (Phone) 07552443501 – dgpmp@mppolice.gov.in
Chief Minister Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan – 0755 – 2441581, 2441033, 2442231, 2442241Home Minster Bhupendra Singh – 0755 – 2677533, 2671024, 2671046Additional Chief Secretary K K Singh – 0755 – 2441619Secretary Kedar Sharma – 0755 – 2441816Secretary Vivek Sharma – 0755 – 2441523

For more details please contact at: 9867348307, 9818905316

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