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Budapest: demonstration against racist evictions

  Organized by the Foundation of Romas' Civic Rights a demonstration has taken place in Budapest on Friday 9 December against evictions, segregation and racism. Together with roma families of the so called "dzsumbuj" of 9th district of Budapest, directly touched by the forced evictions also no roma hungarians have participated at the event.

Fighting against property speculation in the streets of Moscow

Throughout the whole of the summer of 2007, the Russian capital has been the scene of pitched battle in at least 15 neighbourhoods. As property speculation takes off, the inhabitants group together in committees to defend their houses against the so-called “high density construction” (uplotnitelniy zastroiki), or building of new apartment blocks, mostly with the aim of speculating (shopping centres or housing for the elite).

Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna (‘Platform for decent housing’), Spain

The PVD emerged almost four years ago in Madrid, bringing together various collectives and neighbourhood and private associations concerned with the growing difficulty of finding a home in the city.

The Russian housing movement at the end of 2006

A year ago, on the 1st January 2006, a new housing code came into operation in the Russian Federation. One year later, what is the current position on the right to housing and efforts to ensure that it is respected?

Russia: Call for international solidarity with the victims of property pyramid swindle on hunger strike

200,000 people throughout Russia fallen victim to dishonest property dealers On 17th April the swindled victims of the property pyramids began a hunger strike in Moscow.

Russia: Putin can no longer ignore the rising solidarity

First road blocks and the first death for «duped co-investors» on hunger strike Don’t forget that this movement assembles tens of thousands of people throughout Russia who have contributed funds or invested in the construction of housing vouched for by the local and regional authorities. Once construction stopped, they find themselves with neither money nor housing. The day before the hunger strike, begun in Moscow on April 17th and extended to May 8th, IAI had called for international solidarity. In total, 50 people from several regions in Russia participated, with 6 staying for 22 days.